Why is it the right time for your business to upgrade to Responsive web design In UK?

Responsive web design in UK is emerging fast as the go-to solution for businesses looking for user-friendly interface and greater customer retention. Your recent decline in website visitors and dropping conversion rate could be your failure to reap its benefits yet.

Being a business owner you would need a lot of convincing before optimizing your website to a more responsive design. However, by doing this you are bound to witness an increase in sales that will make you regret not taking this decision earlier. In short responsive design is the next thing and you’ll have to sooner or later adapt to it.
Responsive web design in UK is vital for your business as it will help you achieve your goals more efficiently and smoothly. In the rapid age of smartphones it’s important that your user is able to garner the full functionality on his cellphone because that’s the device he’ll be spending the majority of his time on. If you’re unable to provide them the web experience on their smartphones you’ll be soon driven out of the business by your rivals who will do so.

Responsive web design functions

A laptop has a different resolution from a smartphone and designers had to create different layouts for different screens. However, recently this responsive web design has solved this problem for good where the user will be able to grasp a uniform experience on all devices irrespective of the screen size. This means a homogenous user experience. This makes your website experience smoother for your customers and is the key reason for repeat customers on online stores. E-commerce stores have witnessed exponential growth due to this change as it has made the user experience more enjoyable.

Technically there are three primary features of responsive web design which consist of CSS, flexible layout and the dynamic resizing function. These multiple technologies mean that users can enjoy the feeling of familiarity irrespective of the device they are using or will be using in the future.

Responsive web design Vs. Mobile web design

Previously mobile as altogether a separate forte until responsive happened. Companies would create mobile web design as a starting point for development and extend to different devices and screen sizes. Companies would have two separate websites constituting of the desktop view as well as the mobile view.

In the initial flourishing period of mobile web design, there were numerous reasons why developers were in favor of web applications being initially designed for use on a mobile device. Significantly because of the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones which were gaining increasing momentum in sales.

However, mobile applications were believed to have far more utility and performance than PC based software. Both of these had their merits and demerits but responsive did outweigh the pros marginally. The concept of a single website helps to maintain uniformity and managing SEO strategy as well as marketing campaigns becomes simpler too. TO conclude a website featuring responsive could save companies with time and financial resources and would also provide a much better shopping experience for customers.

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