Is wearable technology the future of Application Development in London?

Do you know the latest and biggest web development trend that gave the caught fancy of tech folks? It’s the wearable Application Development in London. Once you have a look at the statistics, you’ll exactly know why wearable have risen to popularity recently. According to a recent report, the wearable technology will soon be touching over $32 billion by 2020 only. And just in case you aren’t aware 2020 is just around the corner. Due to the overwhelming response received by the smart devices (such as wrists bands, fit bits, and smartwatches), we are definitely going to witness an immense increase in the demand for wearable apps in the future as well. In a couple of years, wearable applications would definitely be the go-to thing to increase customer engagement. All web development companies need to add wearable applications to their portfolios in order to cater to the increased demand for these applications in the future. Below we’ve listed down more about these applications for your further information and guidance.

Wearable Technology: The future of web development

We can start off by learning the different types of mobile connectivity attributes and applications that can be engineered for this type of technology firstly. Here is a look:

  • The compatible applications that that is contributing to the connectivity of devices meant to extract and send information to and from other devices.
  • The standalone apps backed by the functionalities of this wearable device itself
  • Cards for static screens
  • Push notifications designed for interconnecting apps

Experts have been continuously reiterating on the fact that since the screen size has become much smaller with these wearable devices (they are much smaller than mobile devices), developers should make sure that they’re handling discoverability related challenges in a much different manner than what they have been currently doing for mobile devices. However, it is needless to bring immense changes in strategy with this type of application in this regard. Just introducing a few minor changes would do the task. The core success of these wearable Application Development in London can be contributed to the fact that they can customize your notifications. Adding a few other options of notifying such as the buzzing noise, lighting up of the screen or a ping would all help your users get alert while receiving notifications.

Wearable apps: What exactly do you need to do?

A developer should also focus on the interactivity of the user as well. And, what efforts do you need in order to make sure it increases the interactivity of the device? Make sure that you are providing features like single swipe, one tap reading, etc. This will also ensure that he/she doesn’t have to keep on tapping his device in order to save results.

Also, make sure that you are well aware of the developments regarding latest trends ruling the wearable market. This will definitely help you stay a notch ahead in “the digital front”. The overall layout is also extremely vital, while compatibility and functionality cannot be compromised as well.

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