Web Applications for business to customers (B2C) in London

As a business web presence is a necessity to explore other revenue streams and get more conversion for your business. Your business would seem outdated if it fails to have a web presence as it is an inexpensive channel to carry transfer of Information and transactions between the customer and business.

As a marketer it’s important that you get to know your customers and start interacting with them. One of the best ways to assure effective communication is asking website visitors to subscribe to your daily newsletter or ask them to submit a form on your website for information regarding your products and services. One of the most popular method in use these days is the chat bot on which a customer sales representative engages in a chat as soon as you access the website. He assists you with information and helps make sure you don’t lose interest while surfing through the website. The data captured must be stored in an efficient manner so that it could be accessed at a later date, which is the key to repeat customers.

Web Applications for business to customers (B2C) in London are helpful in creating long lasting and formidable relationships with the customers over a long run. This helps to get repeat customers which is an additional revenue for the business without spending extra cash on lead conversion.

Web applications defined:

From a technological point of view, web is a completely programmable platform that can be fully customized with the deployment of a large and diverse portfolio of web applications to the millions of global active users. The two most important components of a good modern day website are flexible web browsers available to everyone without expense incurred and web applications.

Web browsers are software applicationswhich allow users to retrieve the data and access the content placed on pages within a website.

Modern day websites have gone way beyond the static text and graphics of the past and they allow users to pull dynamic content down according to their preferences. Furthermore, these web pages have a client script run that changes the internet browser into an interface for applications such as web mail and interactivemapping software (e.g. Yahoo Mail and Google Maps). Primarily these websites allow the capture and storage of invaluable customer data (e.g. personal details, social security card numbers and credit card details) for immediate implementation.

How to web applications function?

The Web Applications for business to customers (B2C) in London consists of a three layered model. The first layer is a normal web browser or the user interface; the second layer is the content generation technology tool such as Java servlets (JSP) or Active Server Pages (ASP), and the final layer is company’s database contain content (e.g., news) and customer information (e.g., usernames and passwords, SSN and credit card information).

Web Security Issues

Websites rely on databases to deliver the information to visitors. Most of these databases contain invaluable information (e.g. personal and financial data) making them prone to target of hackers.

This is an account of the reason why web applications are being widely accepted today.

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