Necessary features for your cross-platform applications

Developing Cross-Platform Applications in London that addresses all platform specific features and the design attributes to a Herculean task. It requires sufficient experience along with technical knowledge. The developer must acknowledge that every platform is unique and requires certain attributes for the proper functionality of applications. It is a challenge to build applications that work seamlessly while providing a smooth user experience. To do the same, a cross-platform must be providing a combination of device-specific features along with the native capacity of each unique platform. The catch is to provide an optimum balance between core consistency and the native capability along with a high degree of platform independence as well as responsiveness.

  1. Looks matter: The outlook of the application should match with the platform and integrate with the platform it’s supposed to work on. It’s extremely important to retain the brand identity and make it visually appealing to the users. The basic platform should be made independent that also delivers the aesthetics for all the platforms. Upon that brand-focused elements should be added and integrated well to the other brand-specific elements. This is the key to maintaining design consistency and diversity. To achieve this end, high-performance tools such as Appcelerator may be used.
  2. Platform-specific coding for UI and UX: Reusing code while developing cross-platform apps is useful in the sense that it helps to maintain the core app logic but does not help in tweaking the user interface for each platform or maintaining separate user experience for all. Therefore the coding should be original except reusing the code in the core area. Cross-platform development tools may be used as far as core app logic, content and functionalities are concerned but not for platform-independent UI/UX elements. A high degree of uniqueness has to be maintained while coding to create brilliant UI and UX.
  3. Take a cue from platform independent web service: The most commonly made mistakes that developers tend to make is they get attached to a certain platform only mostly the one that the application is being tested upon. This is a major blunder in cross-platform app development. It also disrupts building applications like platform independent web service. Just like a web development service, the UI should necessarily be treated as a separate division from the core application logic. It is also advisable that help is taken for frameworks and modules offering help regarding this issue.


  1. For each platform, a unique UI attribute should be provided: It is advisable to deliver a unique set of look, feel and usability for each platform since each mobile platform has a set of its requirements and guidelines. There is an array of platform-specific differences and it is important for the developer to address them appropriately. If the developer has a personal user experience with similar apps, it may help him develop better designs and address the differences in a better way.


These are the necessary steps that your business could follow while opting for an efficient cross-platform application.

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