Top 5 Fonts in Logo Designing 2019 in London

To become absolutely unforgettable to your customers, you need a professional typeface and clear logo. You need to pick the right font to ensure that it becomes memorable, whether it be a vintage or modern font. Here are top 5 most popular fonts Logo Designing 2019 in London to help you build an iconic logo for your brand.


  1. Horizon

It is one of the modern and digital looking fonts that you can take advantage of. Its sharp angles are inspired by space-age TV shows, best for sci-fi stylization of your brand.


  1. Impact

Impact age backs to 1965, when it was used in advertisement. What makes Impact perfect for your brand is the fact that it is loved by millennial. It’s a masterpiece of font design that has its roots in Hollywood films and advertising because of its legibility. This font is absolutely fantastic with bold letters and images.


  1. Garamond

This is a vintage font that is mostly used in print media (newspapers and magazines). Some of the most prestigious companies use Garamond to reflect their brand value in a royal way. This font design works best to thrive audience with elegance. So, it best fits to be the logo of your luxury products.


  1. Bodoni

Bodoni is most famous for fashion brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Armani Exchange among others. To give your logo a premium look, Bodoni is ideal with its thick and fine structure. It is easy on eyes to look at its elegant angularity.


  1. Trajan

Since, 1989, Trajan is popular among the marketers due to its elegant in-between spacing. It is considered overused by some designers, but as long as you are creative it can give your brand a fresh new look.

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